37 Best Alexander the Great Quotes That Will Help You Conquer the World

Alexander the Great was the student of famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, the hegemon of Greece, The King of Macedonia, conqueror of the Persian Empire and one of the famous and greatest military leaders in the history of the world. Read the famous Alexander the Great Quotes about leadership, conquering, death, teachers, fear and Afghans. that will inspire you and help you in conquering the world. 

Famous Alexander The Great Quotes

1. “A tomb now suffices him for whom the whole world was not sufficient.”

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2. “Let us conduct ourselves so that all men wish to be our friends and all fear to be our enemies.”

Best Inspirational Quotes by  Alexander The Great

3. “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” 

4. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

5. “I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion.”

6. “Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them.”

7. “Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied.” 

8. “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

9. “Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”

10. “Bury my body and don’t build any monument. Keep my hands out so the people know the one who won the world had nothing in hand when he died.” 

11. “Whatever possession we gain by our sword cannot be sure or lasting, but the love gained by kindness and moderation is certain and durable.”

12. “I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.”

13. “Every light is not the sun.” Alexander The Great Quotes

Alexander The Great Quotes on Love

14. “True love never has a happy ending, because there is no ending to true love.” 

Best Alexander The Great Quotes

15. “With the right attitude, self-imposed limitations vanish” 

16. “In the end, when it’s over, all that matters is what you’ve done.”

17. “You shall, I question not, find a way to the top if you diligently seek for it; for nature hath placed nothing so high that is out of the reach of industry and valor.”

18. “Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers.” 

19. “For my own part, I would rather excel knowledge of the highest secrets of philosophy than in arms.”

20. “As for a limit to one’s labors, I, for one, do not recognize any for a high-minded man, except that the labors themselves should lead to noble accomplishments.”

21. “There is something noble in hearing myself ill spoken of when I am doing well.”

22. “Are there no more worlds that I might conquer?”

23. “Toil and risk are the price of glory, but it is a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving an everlasting fame.”

24. “The end and object of conquest is to avoid doing the same thing as the conquered.”

25. “Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” 

26. “How great are the dangers I face to win a good name in Athens.” Alexander The Great 

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27. “I do not steal Victory.” 

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28. “But truly, if I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes.”

29. “For my part, I think that to a man of spirit there is no other aim and end of his labours except the labours themselves.”

30. “As for a limit to one’s labors, I, for one, do not recognize any for a high-minded man, except that the labors themselves should lead to noble accomplishments.” 

31. “My treasure lies in my friends .” 

32. “When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back.”

33. “There are no more worlds to conquer!” 

34. “Youths of the Pellaians and of the Macedonians and of the Hellenic Amphictiony and of the Lakedaimonians and of the Corinthians… and of all the Hellenic peoples, join your fellow-soldiers and entrust yourselves to me, so that we can move against the barbarians and liberate ourselves from the Persian bondage, for as Greeks we should not be slaves to barbarians.”

35. “Glory crowns the deeds of those who expose themselves to toils and dangers.” 

Alexander The Great Quotes About Afghans

Alexander The Great Quotes About Afghans

36. May God keep you away from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger, and the revenge of the Afghans.

37. “God must have loved Afghans because he made them so beautiful.”

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