Top 10 Best & High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is a great platform for the purpose of making money, but due to very strict terms and policies, especially for the users of country’s like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc, It’s almost Impossible for the users of these countries to get approval of Adsense account from It’s administration, and If someone owned an approved account, and by hook or by crook he/she violates the google Adsense policies, then the administrators of Google Adsense will definitely ban his/her account and after that we can Imagine his/her condition when someone’s account got disable or banned by Google, because some of our friends have already faced this problem, however if you are receiving well amount of daily page views and visitors on your website then no need to worry too much, there are many other Best Google Adsense alternatives available, which anybody can use to monetize their content for making money online. So In this post I am going to share the top 10 high paying Google Adsense alternatives.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Top 10 Best & High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

So the most popular,  high paying and best alternatives to Adsense are in the following:

1 # Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing?

If someone’s website is banned by google administration, and he/she still wants to earn money online then that person should start affiliate marketing. Now everyone will ask me what is affiliate marketing and how does It work? for answer see the above picture and If you could not understand what is It? then check the definition in my own simple words: “It is a process in which a person earned commission on every single sale by promoting the goods or products of other companies or people”.  It is a great way to earn a lot of money,  So for earning commission you just need to promote the products or goods on you website of world’s most popular e-commerce websites like Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon associates etc. whenever someone purchase anything from your website or referral link then you will get commission.

Note: Everybody can do Affiliate marketing Without having a website. For those who have not any website then they should use the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc for promoting products of e-commerce sites by sharing their referral links.

2 # Outbrain

adsense alternatives

Outbrain is great advertising and publishing network, which is considered as one of most high paying publishing network for bloggers same like Google Adsense. The founder of this amazing network are Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav who established It in 2006. If someone have  not Google Adsense account for monetizing their content online then he/she should use Outbrain to monetize It, because It’s CPC is also very high and everyone can get approval on Outbrain easily.

3 # Taboola 

alternatives to google adsense

Taboola is another great platform for advertising and publishing. It works same like Outbrain and It’s CPC is also very high. The founder of Taboola platform  is Adam Singolda and he founded It in 2006. It is another great choice for bloggers or publishers to use this network for the purpose of making money online. 

4 # Yahoo & Bing Ads

Google Adsense Alternatives is an emerging PPC advertising and publishing platform, which is controlled by the two well known search engines Bing & Yahoo and the founder of this network is Divyank Turakhia. If we talk about his payouts then Its minimum payout is $ 100 and you can cash out your money through Paypal or wire transfer account.

5 # Bidvertiser

Best Google Adsense Alternatives
Bidvertiser is another great replacement or alternative to Google Adsense. This advertising network is also emerging very quickly and In my opinion, Bidvertizer network is one of the best network for publishers. If we talk about his payout then Its minimum payout is $ 10, which you can easily get through Paypal.

6 # Propellerads

Propellerads, best alternative to adsense

Propellerads is also considered as one of the best network for bloggers and other who wants to monetize their website for making money.  So If someone wants to do that then must display Propellerads, which will be very helpful for you to earn some decent amount of money same like Google Adsense.

7 # Infolinks

Infolinks, best adsense alternatives
Infolinks is most popular advertising network. Yariv Davidovich and Oren Dobronsky are the founder of this advertising network. They established this network in year 2007. Infolinks basically shows the text ads on your websites’s keywords. It is also a PPC (pay per click) advertising network, which is also considered as one of the great Google Adsense alternative for bloggers.

you can show his ads along with google adsense. and If 

8 # Buysellads

adsense alternatives for bloggers
Buysellads is a very good publisher and advertising network. The founder of Buysellads is Todd Garland who established the network in the year 2008 and It is emerging day by day. In this advertising network the advertisements are not sold on the premise of Pay Per Click strategy, however they are sold for a month or additional time. According to me Buysellads is one of best replacement or alternative to Adsense.

9 # Chitika

adsense alternatives in 2017
Chitika is also a nice PPC network a few of the advertising networks. This advertising and publishing network shows relevant ads or commercials to your site, by which you can make money online through It. The co-founders of Chitika are Alden DoRosario and Venkat Kolluri. They established the Chitika advertising network in 2003 and Now in 2017 Chitika is considered as the best replacement of google adsense.

10 # Tribal Fusion

Make money online with tribal fusion
Tribal fusion advertising network is another best Google Adsense alternative and this advertising network is very big and only for big websites. So If your website have huge amount of traffic (almost 50000 impression per month) then tribal fusion advertising network will accept your application, otherwise they will reject your application.

Note: If your website or blog has been banned by Goolge, Then still you can monetize your website or blog through above given platforms.


At the end, I want to conclude my article with Warren Buffet Quote: “Never depend on single income, Make Investment to create a second source”.  I am sharing this famous quotation for those people who had lost their google Adsense account and still want to earn some decent income, So never ever give up and try these best Google Adsense alternatives and make Investments from the earning which you will earn through these networks to create second source of Income.

So now I hope you will like this post and If you have any suggestion for me  regarding this article then comment below.

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