How to Turn off Windows 7 Updates Easily

Windows 7 is considered as one the best and most popular windows of Microsoft, but it has a little problem about his automatic updates that it starts automatically and took to much time unnecessarily for updating the files. So for the solution of this problem I am writing this article In which I will tell you the easiest way of disabling windows updates and If you want to know how to turn off windows 7 updates then read the post till the end.

How to Turn off Windows Updates

How to Disable Windows 7 Automatic Updates

So for knowing the process of how to disable windows updates then follow the steps which are in the following:

  • Click on the start button and then open your control panel.
  •  Go to the “view by” section, which is on top right of your monitor’s screen and change the category into “large icons” by clicking on it.
  • Open the administrative tools, then find a file named “services” and click on it.
  •  After that find another file named “windows updates” which is inside the services file.
  • When you find “windows updates” file then right click on it and select the “stop” option.
  • Now once again right click on “windows updates” and open the properties option then check that startup type section is disabled or not, If startup type section is disabled then its Done, but if startup type section is not disabled then kindly disabled it.

Also Watch Video Tutorial:

How to Turn Off Windows Updates (Video Tutorial)

Last Words:

So now friends, I hope you have successfully learned the way of how to turn off or disable the automatic updates of Microsoft windows 7. Enjoy yourself and remember me in your prayers. If you have any problem regarding this article then please contact me or comment below on the comment section.

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