How to Watch Facebook Videos In HD

Facebook is a social networking website, at where It’s users not only upload pictures of different things but videos also,  and in the this post I will tell you how to watch Facebook Videos in HD.How to Watch Facebook Videos In HD

Watch HD Videos on Facebook “Step By Step Guide”

After the invention of modern technology, the world has been completely changed, If we look at some years back there was no concept of HD(high definition) videos, even people did not know the meaning of it. But nowadays watching videos in HD has become a trend among the people and that’s why social networking website Facebook also Introduced the HD video feature for their users and now I am going to show you the way of watching High Definition videos on FB.

So the step by step procedure is in the following:

1 # Open your best Internet web browser.

2 # Logged In to your FB’s account.

How to watch HD videos on Facebook

3 # Click on the button which is shown above in the screenshot.

How to watch HD videos on FB

4 # Then click on “Setting” option.

Facebook videos in HD

5 # Turn you towards the bottom left corner and click on “videos” option.

How to watch Facebook HD Videos

6 # Then choose the option in video settings which is “video default quality”

Facebook HD video feature

7 # Now go to the section which is pointed at above screenshot, click on it and select “HD If Available”

Congratulations: You have done your work excellently, now enjoy HD videos.

Last Words:

Dear friends, I hope after reading this guide you have learned the way of watching HD videos on Facebook, So If you have any question regarding this then please comment below in comment section.

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