Top 10 Best & Most Famous William Shakespeare Plays

Without William Shakespeare, English literature is Incomplete, because of his Immense services. He was globally recognized as an actor, playwright and a poet. If we look at his early life then It seems that he started his career as an actor and a writer, but It will not wrong to say that the basic thing, which is responsible for his popularity is his plays and the style of writing. In early ages, William Shakespeare plays are about history and comedies, but after then he started writing tragedies and It’s tragedies put great affect on the people’s emotions.  

Best William Shakespeare Plays

After some Introduction in the first paragraph, now I am moving towards my topic’s theme which is top 10 most famous and best William Shakespeare Plays. So the famous creative writing by him are in the following:

# 1  Othello 

William Shakespeare Play Othello is basically a romantic tragedy, which was written in 1603. Its story revolves around the love of a black moor named Othello and the white girl named Desdemona. Othello is ranked as General in the Venetian military while Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio (Venetian senator).  Brabantio’s daughter gets Inspired by listening to the stories of Venetian military General which are based on his bravery. After some time both of them decided to get married, In very short summary or words, we can say that after the marriage of these two, the love story turns into tragedy, because of a character named Iago (Othello’s jealous and traitorous ensign),  and this tragic story ends on the deaths of husband and wife (Othello and Desdemona). Husband kills her wife while after killing her he attempts suicide.  The main characters of this drama are Othello, Desdemona, Roderigo, Iago, Cassio, Brabantio, Bianca, Emilia and Doge of Venice etc.

# 2  King Lear

William Shakespeare Play “King Lear” is a Very popular play which was written in 1605.  he derived it from the legendary king of the Britons named Leir.  Names of some major characters of this particular drama are: Lear (The king of Britain), Cordelia (youngest daughter of Lear),  Regan(Lear’s Second daughter)   Goneril (Elder daughter of Lear), Duke of Cornwall (husband of Regan), Duke of Albany (husband of Goneril), Earl of Gloucester, Oswald (Goneril’s steward) etc.

3. The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare Play “The Merchant of Venice” is another great drama, which was written in the 16th century.  In this play, merchant of Venice named Antonio is a very noble man and the people of Venice loved him a lot due to his noble character, but a money lender named shylock, who gave money to the Venitian people at very high security, disliked him, because once, Antonio Insulted him very badly in front of all the Venetian people. If we explain Its story shortly then It revolves around Antonio and Shylock, in which Antonio lend money from shylock to give it to his best friend named Bassanio for the purpose of marriage with his lover Portia. Moneylender gives money to him on an agreement that If he could not pay back the money in under three months then shylock will take a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. Both of them agrees on this agreement, and after three months, Antonio could not pay back the money.  The main characters of this drama are Antonio, Bassanio, Portia, Lorenzo, Shylock, Jessica etc.

# 4  Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare Play “Romeo and Juliet” is also a romantic tragedy, which was written in 1594, he wrote it early in his career. It is considered as his most popular and best drama as compared to others. The reason behind Its worldwide popularity is Its theme or topic, which is totally based on Love. This play revolves around the two children of two feuding families, one is Romeo who belongs to the Montague family and the other is Juliet who belongs to the Capulet family. Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, Tybalt, Mercutio, Friar Laurence, Capulet, Montague, Prince Escalus, Count Paris, Rosaline, Friar John, Balthasar, Sampson and Gregory,   etc are the major characters of this drama.

5. Hamlet

Hamlet is the most popular tragedy written by the King dramatist named Shakespeare in 1602. If we summarize It shortly then Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, Once the soul of his late father comes in front of him and says: I have been murdered by Claudius (who is the uncle of Hamlet and brother of King Hamlet) and he further says to his son that must take revenge for my death from your Uncle Claudius. Since then he started to research this aspect that It is true or not, and finally, he finds It true. At last stage of this drama, Prince of Denmark fights with the brother of Ophelia (lover of the hamlet) Laertes and gets Injured by his poisoned sword. Due to Injury with the poisoned sword, Hamlet dies, but before death, he also murdered his uncle Claudius. The main characters of this awesome drama are Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Polonius, Horatio, Laertes etc.

# 6  Macbeth

Mcbeth play is a tragedy which was written in 1605 by William Shakespeare.  This drama is actually taking from the life of Scottish King Mcbeth, who was known as a very powerful and brave Scottish military general. He once receives a prophecy That the day will come when he became the King of Scotland from trio of witches. since then his wife Lady Mcbeth starts urging him to kill the current Scottish king named Duncan. He does the same and after doing that he himself becomes the King and his wife becomes the Scottish queen. It’s theme or main idea is about how political ambitions can damage physically and psychologically to those people who want to get power for their own sake.   The main characters of this drama are Mcbeth, Lady Mcbeth, Duncan, Donalbain, Malcolm, Banquo, Fleance, Macduff,  Lady Macduff, Son of Macduff, Siward, and Young Siward etc.

# 7  The Tempest

William Shakespeare play “The Tempest” is an amazing play which was written in 1611. The story of this play revolved around a wise old man named Prospero (The overthrown Duke of Milan) and his daughter Miranda who is sixteen years old. The main characters of this drama are Prospero, Miranda, Caliban, Ariel, Sycorax, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Ferdinand, Trinculo, Stephano, Gonzalo, Boatswain etc.

# 8  As You Like It  

William Shakespeare Play “As You Like It” is a comedy, which was written in 1599 by best dramatist William Shakespeare.  If we shortly described It’s story then It revolves around a young woman Rosalind who has been ousted from her uncle’s court. Her uncle does not like her because due to her gentleness, smartness and beauty. She then decides to live in the Forest of Arden with Celia (her cousin) and the court buffoon Touchstone. while living in jungle She dresses like a boy for self-assurance.   

Duke Frederick, Le Beau, Celia, Rosalind, Touchstone, Charles, Lords and ladies in Duke Frederick’s court, Adam, Dennis, Duke Senior, Jaques, Amiens, Lords in Duke Senior’s forest court, Phoebe, Silvius, Audrey, Corin, William, Sir Oliver Martext, Hymen etc are some names of this drama.

# 9  All’s Well That Ends Well

William Shakespeare Play “All’s Well That Ends Well” is another comedy, and It is believed that this drama is written probably in 1602 or 1603. Its story revolves around Helena’s love for the unresponsive Bertram.  King of France, Duke of Florence, Bertram, Countess of Roussillon (Mother to Bertram), Lavatch, Helena, Lafew and Parolles etc are the main cast of it. 

# 10 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

William Shakespeare Play “A midsummer night’s dream” is also a very classic effort by him, and It is believed that It was written in 1595. If we describe it’s story shortly then It is based on a man named Egeus. He had a daughter named Hermia. He took the decision of his daughter’s marriage with Demetrius, but Hermia loved with Lysander. therefore she refused to marry with Lysander. Demetrius was also in love with Hermia’s friend named Helena, but due to the greed of wealth, He wished to marry with Hermia.

The main participants or characters of this play are  Egeus, Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander, Helena, Theseus (The duke of Athens), Hippolyta, Philostrate etc.

Closing Remarks:

So Here are the top ten most famous and best William Shakespeare Plays, and I hope you will like these dramas same as me. So dear friends, If you have any question or suggestion for me then please contact me by commenting below or through my email address. 

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