70 Inspirational Winston Churchill Quotes

Sir Winston Churchill was an English politician, who became two times the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He was also known as the former Officer of the English Army.  Churchill was not only a politician, and Army officer but a famous philosopher and an author also, who have won the Noble prize in literature.  After some Introduction, now I am turning myself towards my article’s theme, which is best & most famous Winston Churchill quotes, that will be very helpful for you to gain some wisdom and knowledge.   

Best Winston Churchill Quotes That Will Inspire You 

After Intro, now I am going to share with you the top, and most famous quotes by former English politician and Noble prize winner Sir Winston Churchill, So the best Inspirational quotes from Winston Churchill are in the following:

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1. “Never, never, never give up.”

2. “Success always demands a greater effort.”

3. “Responsibility is the price of greatness.”

4. “A stubborn man can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” 

5. “There is a good saying to the effect that when a new book appears one should read an old one.”

6. “It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.”

7. “You create your own universe as you go along.”

8. “The positive thinker sees the Invisible, feels the Intangible, and achieves the Impossible.” Winston Churchill

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9. “They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.”

10. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

11. “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war”

12. “Go out into the sunlight and be happy with what you see.”

13. “I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod.”

14. “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

15. “It matters very little whether your judgments of people are true or untrue, and very much whether they are kind or unkind.”

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16. “A small lie needs a bodyguard of bigger lies to protect it.” Winston Churchill 

Famous Winston Churchill Quotes, quotes from Winston Churchill, Best quotes by Winston Churchill

17. “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

18. “If we don’t end war, war will end us.”

19. “During their lifetimes, every man and woman will stumble across a great opportunity. Sadly, most of them will simply pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on as if nothing ever happened.”

20. “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

21. “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

22. “Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.”

23. “Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning.”

24. “A change is as good as a rest.”

25. “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston Churchill

26. “I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best”

27. “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”

28. “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry”

29. “It is all true, or it ought to be; and more and better besides.”

30. “It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.”

31. “It’s no use saying, “We are doing our best.” You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”

32. “The most important thing about education is appetite.”

33. “Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”

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34. “Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all.” Winston Churchill

35. “There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.”

36. “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

37. “Good and great are seldom in the same man. ”

38. “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

39. “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

40. “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

41. “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.” Winston Churchill

42. “When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.”

43. “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope”

44. “A joke is a very serious thing.”

45. “In War: Resolution,
In Defeat: Defiance,
In Victory: Magnanimity
In Peace: Good Will.”

46. “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

47. “Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter.”

48. “If you cannot read all your books…fondle them—peer into them, let them fall open where they will, read from the first sentence that arrests the eye, set them back on the shelves with your own hands, arrange them on your own plan so that you at least know where they are. Let them be your friends; let them, at any rate, be your acquaintances.”

49. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill

50. “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

51. “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.”

52. “To each, there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”

53. “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”

54. “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”

55. “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” Winston Churchill

56. “Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.”

57. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

58. “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

59. “Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong.”

60. “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future. ”

61. “For myself, I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.”

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62. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

63. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

64. “All of the great empires of the future will be empires of the mind.”

65. “Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.”

66. “We are all worms, But I do believe that I am a glow worm.”

67. “From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”

68. “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” Winston Churchill

69. “You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

70. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

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Last Words:

So here are the famous quotations by the former English Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. I hope You will like Winston Churchill quotes, So If you have any suggestion for me regarding this article then please share your suggestions in the comments section.

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