25 Best XXXTENTACION Quotes & Lyrics

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy is worldly renowned with the name of XXXTentacion. He was an American songwriter, singer and rapper who was born on 23rd  January 1998 in Plantation, Florida, United States and died at the age of 20. So After some Intro, the best sad XXXTENTACION quotes about love and life are in the following:

1. “But it’s torture being in love” XXXTENTACION 


2. “What is money really worth if it ain’t love?”

XXXTENTACION quotes on Love, Best XXXTENTACION Quotes.

3. “I could never say I understand how you are all feeling, nor can I find the right words to say to you, but I do want you all to know, you are not alone.”

4. “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.”

5. “I’m nauseous, I’m dyin’
She ripped my heart right out
Can’t find her, someone to—
My eyes are all cried out”

6. “Hello, from the dark side in
Does anybody here wanna be my friend?”

7. “I’m sadder than most of you with the money and the freedom” XXXTENTACION


8. “You decide if you’re ever gonna let me know”

9. “Carry on, like flights, I just carry on
With this pain inside of my chest
Got no choice but to carry on”

10. “Make out hill, where we met
We let our lips do all the talkin’ and now I’m hooked and…
Depression and obsession don’t mix well”

11. “Who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go”

12. “I’m lost then I’m found”

13. “I’m in pain, wanna put 10 shots in my brain I’ve been tripping bout some things, can’t change suicidal, same time I’m tame.” XXXTENTACION

14. “I can’t seem to find someone’s shoulder
Who will I rely on when it’s over?”

15. “So outside of my misery, I think I’ll find
A way of envisioning a better life”

16. “Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself.”

17. “I gave her everything. She took my heart and left me lonely. I’ve been broken, heart’s contentious. I won’t fix, I’d rather weep. I’m lost then I’m found, but it’s torture being in love.”

18. “I’ve been feeling really lost, ducking all attachments
I don’t really go outside ’cause I hate traffic”

19. “Follow your dreams, and know that even though you have lost, you have guardian angels watching over you, day in and day out” XXXTENTACION

XXXTENTACION Quotes on Life, XXXTENTACION Quotes on Dreams. Best XXXTENTACION Quotes.

20. “I love when you’re around
But I hate when you leave”

21. “Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails
And I just can’t keep on fighting”

22.  “I won’t allow myself happiness cause it’s all lies.” Jahseh Onfroy Quotes

Sad XXXTENTACION Quotes, Best XXXTENTACION Quotes, Jahseh Onfroy Quotes.

23. “Hush little angel, don’t say a word
Bottle full of pills passed out on the curb.”

24. “Some kill, some steal, some break your heart
And you thought that I would let it go and let you walk
Broken hearts, break bones, so break up fast
And I don’t wanna let it go, so in my grave, I will not.”

25. “Time is valuable.. don’t waste it.”

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